maandag 17 maart 2008

IP in Bruges (II)

Pierrick is a French participant of the MarkStrat game (IP in Bruges). Today he tells us his story.

On Wednesday the 5th of March, I arrived here by train from Le Havre to Bruges, I directly went to my hostel Bauhaus. I also met the other foreigners: Belgian, Finnish and Hungarian people. They presented themselves, their countries and their schools for each other by means of a PowerPoint presentation. After this introduction, I received instructions about the MarkStrat game by the teachers. We had to reflect on the strategy to launch fictive products in a team of 7.
In the evening, I ate at school thanks to "the aperitive dinner": each foreigner had brought something to eat; something that was typical for his country or region.

I also visited three towns: Bruges (there are many beautiful monuments like the Town Hall, I had the occasion to discover them since we had to answer questions about the city with our team. Moreover, these are many shops, restaurants, pubs, "discos" like "the Cathedraak",...), I visited with French people Brussels, I discovered the famous monuments like "the Manneken Pis". Finally, we visited Ostend and its harbour. In general, as far as I'm concerned, I can say Belgian are welcoming people.

I didn't regret my trip at all, being in the tourism sector myself. I really love travelling and discovering other countries, cultures, architectures and it was for me a chance to meet foreigners and to talk English during the game and afterwards.

It was the second time I came to Bruges, but I think I shall return for the ambiance and the beauty of the site. Big thank you for the Belgian students who took their time to welcome every foreign student!

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